What to do if you lost your house keys?

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What to do if you lost your house keys?

Have you ever lost your home keys? How was it? Let us guess you panicked, paced around, ransack your bag, purse, pockets, and person. The feeling of walking up to the door and not finding the keys are frustrating, confusing, annoying, and for a split second, your brain switches off.

It is unimaginable to work up to your house door and not find the keys. While the feeling is inconvenient, there is a simple solution to it. Whether you lost, misplace, or had them stolen, note gaining access into your home at the right time.

Back to the perfect solution, call the locksmith team at Highlands Locksmith Service in Denver; they will sort you out immediately. Highlands Locksmith Services are professionals in key duplication, rekeying, lock changing, replacement, and repairs. 

We can create a key for any door or window or install new locks for increased safety and security.

Do you know that over 20 million car/house keys are lost annually in the United States? This is not surprising as many people are always in a hurry to get everywhere. While we will not trade blames, losing your house keys puts you at risk of vandals, burglars, and intruders. It also puts your loved ones and personal effect at risk too.

You can choose any plan of action you intend to take if you lose your house keys. However, never result in unpleasant methods that could cause more damage or have you arrested on your own property.

 As stressful and worrisome as losing your house key is, we will explain the to-do, not-to-do, what to watch out for in a house key locksmith. The article will inform you about the best options to rekey or change the lock, tips to stop you from losing your house key again.

Why you need a locksmith?

Well, you lost your house keys. One time, a friend lost his house key, and he just went to sleep at a hotel. Obviously, he has given up for the night, and that was the best option at the moment. Whether your house keys are lost, missing, broken in the lock, not functioning, or whatever, locksmiths services in Denver can be the only grace. Highlands Locksmith Services in Denver offers numerous lock services and will be at your location within minutes. However, be sure to discuss the reason, how bad the situation is, and what you hopefully need to get done.

Can a locksmith make a duplicate of my lost house keys without the original?

Yes, Locksmith service in Denver can recreate your key without the original. Locksmiths have the skills and have learned the craft to properly execute a job. The usual method is to use a chisel to file the patterns onto a cut metal to open your door. Today, with sophisticated tools at their disposal, the lock can be check and the exact key cut to fit the lock. In emergency cases, a locksmith can also create a master key and then offer the best option to prevent intruders if the keys were stolen.

What NOT to do when you lose your house key?

Do not try to break into your home

It is a practical option, but do not try to. Whether it is, trying it break the front door, or climbing in through a window. If you decide to, you may end up in the police station or be charged with public nuisance. Secondly, trying to break into your home will actually cause more damage that will cost you more than fixing the locks.

Do not hack the lock

Oh please, you will be doing more damage than you can imagine. We have read articles that say jimmy the lock or try to pick it and the sort, but do not do it. Hacking your lock as the above point will damage the locks and probably have the locksmith fiddling with the lock than usual.

Do not insert another key into the lock

As locksmiths, we arrive at a home and see that another key is in the lock. People do that a lot. Every key is different, and unless your key is a master key, please do not insert another key into the lock. You will damage the key, the lock, and probably have to fix the current lock and make a new key for the key that was spoilt.

Do not attempt to unscrew the lock from the door

We all want to DIY everything, including our locks. Remember that the lock is secure in two points – inside and outside. Even when you successfully open the outer cover, it will not get the lock open, as the door will still be closed. Do not play with it or add any lubricant of any sort.

We will love to say calm down and do not panic, but that is an emotional reaction associated with people that lose their house key. So if you lost your house key, panic all you want but take deep breathes and think.

Now that you have calmed down or at least is in contact with your immediate surroundings, this is what you should do.

What should you do when you lose your house key?

Losing the house key can happen to anyone, so do not be too hard on yourself. Do not or try any of the stunts above. While it is clearly frustrating, this is what you should do.

Call the police

If you are sure you did not lose your key, but it was stolen, file a report ASAP. This will enable the police to track the movement, especially if other items were stolen with the key. This will also allow you to claim insurance when you eventually hire a locksmith in Denver to fix the lock or duplicate a key.

Inform your insurance company

Depending on your insurance plan, the services of the locksmith can be paid for. However, to collect an insurance claim, you need a police report. Whether the house keys are stolen, missing, or lost, they can help you get.

Look for your spare keys.

Most house keys have an extra key; use it. If it is with a friend, call them and have them bring the key over. If you stay in a rented block of flat, get in touch with the block manager and explain your situation to him/her. Most apartment buildings have a master key that opens all doors except if you have previously changed your locks. If the property manager does not live on the premises with you, then you need to start thinking outside the box. However, if it is late, find a safe place to stay and call Highlands Locksmith Services in Denver. They have a 24/7 and emergency service to get you into your home.

Do a thorough check

Sometimes the keys are not really missing, but in your bid to quickly get home, you have not taken the time to check it. Several times, the key is found after our locksmith is on the scene, trying to get you into your house. So do not panic and ensure that you have checked everywhere, including purses, backpack, and storage spaces in your car. Do not forget your coat or jacket pockets and every nook and cranny. So be sure that the house keys are actually missing before you place that call.

Start from the beginning.

When was the last time you actually saw the keys? Think back and start from there. Many times, just being calm can help you to remember where they are. However, we will stress, we fail. So take a mental note of all the places you were and try to go back there.

This point is feasible if you are home during the day. If you realized that you lost your key at night, retracing your steps is not an option. Check for the spare and call a friend so that you can spend the night. If the night is still young, contact a locksmith in Denver, and we will be there ASAP.

Look for another safe entry.

We did say do not break into your property but if you have a back entrance or your windows are free of protectors, then, by all means, get in. 

However, remember to get in touch with the proper authorities to lay your complaint. If you do find the keys, good for you, but if you did not, get in touch with a locksmith and get the problem fixed.

Hire a locksmith in Denver

After all is said and done, this is the final stage. At Highland Locksmith Services in Denver, we have a team of a professional locksmith that is the best in their craft. We will help you unlock any type of door and then follow up with the next best option. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured, and the safety of your property and you are our top priority. So if you have lost your keys and cannot get into your house, contact us now.

Preventive measures to stop intruders walking into your home with the lost key

What are the chances that someone finds your house keys and returns them? ZERO! So to avoid been a victim of a break-in, we advise you do the following.

Rekey the entire locks

Rekeying allows you to change the keys without any damage or alterations to the locks. It is very affordable and does not necessitate any replacement, and keeps your home safe and loved ones secure.

Cut new keys 

If you decide not to rekey, we are capable of cutting new keys for all the lost keys to replace them. Furthermore, cutting keys is fast and can be done on the spot. So if you need an emergency locksmith service in Denver, get in touch now.

Change the locks

It is not necessary to change your lock if you lose your house keys but to be security sure, it is always a better choice to change it. Although lock change is expensive, they offer immeasurable protection to your home and loved ones if you lose your house keys.

Tips to stop you from losing your house keys again

The frustration of losing your house key is an unforgettable one. If you have been stranded at night, the feeling is sinking and fearful. While some people are great at keeping stuff, others are not, hence why keys get missing most times.

Over the years, we have noted several small points as we worked rekeying, duplicating, and repairing locks throughout Denver.

  • Have a spare made – most homeowners have one key, and that is it. They never taught about an extra or even making one until they lose the one key that moves them in and out. In fact, make multiples and share them among trusted friends and family. If you live with a roommate, get them a key too. If you are a family man with kids, put a key in your home where your children can reach it when you do lose your key.
  • Update your lock – some locks are so old, and because the owners can jimmy them when needed, they could not care much. Every key and lock has an expiration date, and one day even that lock that is easy to undo will fail you.
  • Stop walking about with your house keys – why would anyone be roaming about with their house keys. If the bunch of keys consists of only your house keys, do not be carrying it around. As long as you own a car, leave them in the car when you get off to do a chore or into the office. If you do not own a car, have it in a loop and attached it to your belt or jeans. As long as you are a lady, put your keys in a separate compartment and not with the rest of the stuff.

You Know Who to Call When You Lost Your Keys Now

Finally, if you are used to losing your keys and have the locksmith on speed dial, then you might invest in a keyless system. These systems are programmable and use passcodes to open and lock your home.

Regardless of what option you choose when you lose your keys, we have the best. Highlands Locksmith Services in Denver will offer you incredible, affordable, and professional locksmithing at the tap of your phone.

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