Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re the original buyer of the vehicle, you may have a key code available. A professional auto locksmith can help you determine that. Just give us a call, so we guide you.

It is a very quick process, and our professional locksmiths should have you back on the road or you’re your property within 20 minutes.

High-security locks have restricted key access, and these keys are very difficult to duplicate. They also offer the safest protection against potential burglaries, so if that is your concern, just ask us for the options.

If your key broke inside of your lock and the door is unable to open and the key is stuck in there, give us a call. We can send out our locksmith to remove it in no time.

The first step would be to ensure that the door frame is strong enough. Consult an expert and use reputable brands that are known for their durability. Don’t attempt to use new technology unless you fully understand what it entails and the possible risks of installing it. We recommend that you always go for quality!

To physically secure your home, offices, premises, assets, and valuables from unauthorized access, intruders, theft, etc. and to satisfy insurance requirements. To change the locks if you lose a key or move into a home or premises which has been previously occupied. If you’re locked out of your home/premises, car, or safe – a locksmith can gain access for you with minimum damage and cost. In short, anything to do with keys, locks, and safes.

You have several options. We can fit keys or rekey your house, you can bring the locks into our workshop to be rekeyed or have keys fitted or you could replace the cylinders.

In most cases yes; the basic principle is if one key fits into all the locks then we can change the pins so that the key turns. If you have locks of different profiles, we may have to replace some of the locks.

Lock rekeying involves the replacement of the current configuration or tumbler of the door locks so that the lock will only open and lock with a new key. This ensures security when someone is moving to a new house or a roommate moves out. Our diligent specialists in Denver will make a new key to fit the lock.

No. This is a mere myth. A “master” key can open only the locks which have been set up to accept it.