How to avoid Locksmith scammers in the Denver area?

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How to avoid Locksmith scammers in the Denver area?

Handymen are the backbone of every society. They are readily available to fix your problems and worries anytime you call. As helpful as these businesses are to the community, unscrupulous individuals have taken over to scam innocent people in dire need of help.

Locksmith scams have multiple names like scamming locksmiths to phony locksmiths. Unfortunately, customers have fallen victim to their sweet words and are duped off their hard-earned money. The annoying aspect is that most jobs are poorly done, causing the client extra money to hire a good locksmith.

At Highlands Locksmith Service in Denver, we want all our customers to be safe and wary of these scammers hence this article. We regret to accept that these individuals exist, but you should be safe if you follow the steps in here. We will not want you to be lockout and scared for your life by a potentially dangerous person masking as a locksmith.

How does a scam locksmith work?

People fall victim to scammers when they need a locksmith. When you lose your keys, panic and confusion sets in. at this point, all you want to do is to get out of the situation. Hence you fall prey to these scammers. Secondly, most people result to the internet to search for a locksmith; while this is not wrong, it is the easiest way to get scammed.

Most locksmiths take pride in their craft, and having a scam locksmith tarnish their image is a discredit to a humbling service. So if you are worried, here are tips to keep you safe.

Hire one in your location

Our inability to support local businesses makes us prey to scammers. Many people feel because they know how you started and operate a business, it makes you unqualified to do a job for them. Hiring a locksmith close to home benefits you in two ways, you can lay a complaint if you are unsatisfied. Secondly, you know where to find them without checking the internet.

Do not checkout with the right source.

Locksmiths are registered with a united body that ensures they live up to their role and standard as service providers in the community. Two bodies that have them registered with are the Better Business Bureau and the Associated Locksmith of America. If the business is legit, it will be on one or the other. Furthermore, never forget to ask for a license and identification from the locksmith when they arrive at your home.

Unbelievably low price

This is a clear warning sign. If the cost is below the national or state average, it is a bait and switch. This is a classic hook that fake locksmiths use in getting unsuspecting people into their trap. They get you to accept the price and then arrive at your location with a tale of other stuff that needs to be done. If you feel uncomfortable, decline the service and look for a qualified locksmith.

Changes the cost when they arrive on your property

The average cost for a locksmith in the Denver area is $50 – $ 353, with the National average at $70 – $100. So if the price of a locksmith service fluctuates, do not believe it. When a locksmith arrives at your premises and changes the cost, it is likely a scam. Furthermore, a good locksmith service does not collect cash, as they have other payment option that reflects in their name. Another thing worth knowing is locksmiths do not collect payment before a job is done.

Questionable Company Name

Every business can be set up in the middle of your living room, including a locksmith service. Most flyers and internet adverts about locksmiths are usually call centers claiming to be certified companies. 

When you put a call through to such services, ask for the company’s name, and reaffirm it on arrival at your house. Furthermore, do not accept locksmiths that come to your home in an unmarked car or uniform. A good locksmith service will have their workers in a company work cloth with the name or symbol imprinted on it.

A Chatty Locksmith

Friendliness is good for business but when a locksmith or any handyman is too cordial, draw the line. Furthermore, if you will be alone at home, call a neighbor or friend over to sit with you while the locksmith works. Also, do not answer personal questions asked by the locksmith as if you are home alone, what you do, and the likes; it is a telltale sign of a scam locksmith.

The Drilling Locksmith

Regardless of the problem with a lock, drilling is not the first option. Locksmiths that walk into your property and immediately bring out a drill are outright scammers. They are looking for an opportunity to access the surroundings and extort more money from you. If you know that your lock is in perfect condition, do not under any circumstances allow a locksmith drill into it.

Avoid calling up a locksmith alone in the middle of the night.

Emergencies happen the time of the night, but should you find yourself in a precarious position without your keys, call your family, a friend, or the police. Yes, there is a legit locksmith service in Denver to save the day but be very careful as they operate even smoother under the cloak of darkness.

What do I do if a locksmith scams me?

Report it immediately to your local police department so that they can begin an investigation. You should also lay an official complaint to the locksmith association of your state or country, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, and even the cybercrime unit. These steps enable the authorities to trace and capture these individuals before they hurt someone in the community. The BBB will post the name of the business on its website to help people from fall prey to them.

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